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Meanwell Stackers

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A Pair of 5mm Laser Cut Acrylic mounts, to stack 2 x Meanwell RSP-320 power supplies.The power supplies can be one above the other, or the top one can be set back to allow easy access to the terminals.Comes complete with 8 x 8mm M4 machine screws to fit the power supplies.

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MFC Starter Pack 1

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Have you seen those houses on youtube with all those dancing lights?Do you need to keep up with the Christmas joneses on the street?Are you looking to get into pixel displays but don't know where to begin? This is about the closest thing you will get to a complete christmas light show kit! This bundle contains all you need your fully built light show system.

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Pixel Tester | Basic Controller | Pixel Controllers
  • Pixel Tester | Basic Controller | Pixel Controllers

Pixel Tester | Basic Controller

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This is a basic pixel tester and controller for you to test props without firing up a full blown controller. It carries the Build A Light Show pigtail to allow easy testing of the pixels here on the store.
Runs 5-24v, and offers a full range of tests and patterns, with brightness control.
The remote control works via RF, not Infra Red, so direct line of site is not needed to the controller from the remote.

Our testing has shown that on some devices the RGB order is out, but this does not affect the function of the controller.
You can change the settings on the controller with the instructions found here:

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Burry Green F16 SRX 1 Build Kit

Pixel Tester | Basic Controller

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