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Meanwell RSP-320-12

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Whilst the  Meanwell LRS-350 is the PSU of choice in the USA, but cannot be sold to consumers in the EU, due to the lack of a CE Mark. The PSU cannot acquire the CE Mark due to the lack of a PFC circuit.

As such we have worked to find a PSU as close in performance to the LRS as possible. We found it - the RSP-320-12. This is borderline identical to the LRS-350, but with the following changes. It carried the PFC circuit, and is also CE approved. The only other difference is that is is a 320w supply instead of the 350w that the LRS delivers.

Sadly, we have finally had to put the price up on these - still the cheapest in the UK though!

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Top Quality PSU

I own 3 of these and plan to buy a few more. In 3 years I've never had a problem with any of them. Meanwell is a brand you can trust and rely on.


Wouldn’t use anything else

Peace of mind, perfect for my show and safe, currently using 4 of these. Wouldn’t want anything else.



Running 9+ of these’s for three years not let me down once


Great Power supplies

I have 4 of these powering my show (willow view christmas lights), no problems at all with them - they just work! plenty of power spare to run a snowman..


Cheaper than the Electronics Outlet

Trust me, I looked, and the big electronic suppliers can't get near this price for a top of the range, dependable PSU.

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Baldrick 8 Port Controller with PSU and Mount

Meanwell RSP-320-12

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