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Falcon F16 v4 | Pixel Controllers
  • Falcon F16 v4 | Pixel Controllers

Falcon F16 v4

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Falcon F16V4 Pixel Controller

The controller receives 192 universes of E131, Artnet or DDP data and can output pixel data to 16-48 strings with optional expansion boards.

Board current specs

New Features

  • 192 Universes of E131/Artnet.
  • 2-Port Switch to "Daisy-Chain" controllers.
  • Wireless ESP-07 Module with board mount antenna. Optional external antenna can be ordered.
  • Falcon Player Remote Mode. The controller can store sequences on micro SD card and play in sync with FPP master.
  • Single 4-Layer Board that is 3/8” smaller in height.
  • Ability to drive two expansion boards. (Up to 48 strings both local and remote).

Board can be powered from pixel power or external power. Both inputs can be 5-13VDC.
Power output port to power switches. 
Two independent sides of power. Each one can be a different voltage. 
(Expansion board also has two independent pixel power inputs giving 4 independent ports of input power when using 32 string mode and expansion board)
16 - Fused outputs for main board and expansion board. 

Number of outputs
16, 32 or 48 with expansion boards.
All outputs can use any of the 98304 channels this controller can receive as a start address.
Each string can be independently configured for null nodes, zigzag, forward/reverse, node type, pixel count , grouping etc...

Pixel per output
1024 pixels per output in 16 to 32 string mode. 704 pixels per string in 48 port mode.

String Types

More than 70+ pixel types supported.  

Supported Pixel Types

Receiver Outputs

Two dedicated SmartReceiver ports. Each can drive one receiver chain. Up to six receivers can be in a chain.

DMX/Renard Outputs

1 - Dedicated RS-485 outputs. RJ-45 connector

LCD Display,Push Buttons and Indicators
.96" OLED 128x64 matrix display for setup and status.
5 - Push buttons to control display. Up, Down, Right, Left and Select
Power LED indicator
Two multi purpose LEDS for status.
16 - Fuse LED Indicators

Temperature Sensors
1 - Processor temperature sensor.
2 - Additional Sensors 

Voltage sensors
The incoming pixel voltages of main board are detected and displayed in user interface. (The webpage interface and OLED displays the voltages and temperatures.)

1) Expansion board must be within 1.5 feet of main board. Maybe further but no guarantee.

Please note we will only offer support and warranty these controllers when powered by a quality manufacturer such as Meanwell. We have seen too many instances of voltage spikes and other issues caused by cheap, unprotected power supplies.

Please note that the component costs to make this controller have increased dramatically, hence the increased cost of the board. 

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worth every penny, my first year (2020) I used the raspberry-pi with lightshow-pi, then late 2021 i found this web site and my jaw dropped, not only was i able to buy this in the UK without customs charges etc it was also the latest version! pretty easy to set up with youtube video's but also note they have the instructions to download on this site, i highly reccomend this controller.

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Falcon F16 v4

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