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Ever wondered how to make those "Dancing christmas lights" or make "Christmas lights synchronised to music"? Well you are in the right place!

Build a Light Show was formed due to our increasing frustration at trying to source the right hardware for creating festive light shows. Over the course of two years we encountered many hurdles: suppliers who were not willing to ship outside the US, excessive shipping costs, unpredictable customs charges and uncertain transit times. As we progressed the development of our shows some inventive solutions were found but this was not how we wanted to do things, so after the first year of shows, with ambitious plans for expanded displays in place, we began negotiating distribution rights with quality product vendors.

Now in 2023, in addition to stocking our own range of pixels, cables and other useful products, Build a Light Show is the official EU distributor for all Falcon products, Gilbert Engineering, and ESP Artstick, and will also be providing local access to Meanwell, CableGuard, and other great brands.

So, if you are looking for a Falcon controller, WS2811 pixels, or Gilbert Engineering products in the UK, this is the place to be.

Feel free to browse our store, read more about who we are and what we do on our about page, or if you need to contact us, you can use our contact page.
If you are looking to get started, our Made For Christmas Starter Pack has all you need to get a show started and includes an hour of 1-2-1 training with a Christmas Professional!

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