Build A Light Shows commerciall Services offerings are many; Design/support services, full turnkey solutions and  SFX and PA engineering.

Design and Support Services
There are some people who really want to take up pixel displays but find the whole concept and available information totally overwhelming. Others just want to advance their skills in a 1-2-1 learning environment.
Build a Light Show has a network of tried and tested professionals who are here to help! From Xlights/sequencing training, Layout and design, networking, configuration  - we have the right people available to help you. All of these services are very bespoke, there is no "one size fits all", so we just ask that you contact us via the contact us page, mail help@ or send us a facebook message, where we can guide you down the best path for your needs.

Turnkey Solutions
Working with a elite selection of partners, we are able to provde fully built and installed solutions These can range from static installations, through to choreographed shows, a few examples of which are below. We can cover design, installation, programming, H&S requirements, and all associated administrative needs.

SFX and PA Engineering
A growing number of display owners are trying to find ways to take their displays up to the next level, or to have special event nights where they want a little extra "wow factor".  There is a massive temptation to buy cheap dangerous effects from Ebay and other places, but we have a better solution for you;
Build A Light Show has the fortune of having a pair of SFX and PA engineers, who are available to help. We can also hire out PA systems, Moving head lights, trussing, Snow machines, Flame trays and flame projectors, close quarter precision pyrotechnics, larger display fireworks, firing systems and much much more (we can even sync them to your light display!). We can also advise on insurance, road closure notices, and other things that should be considered.
Please contact us if you wish to talk about any of these services and how we can help you. You can also visit our SFX site here


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