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WS2811 Pixels | 12v | 50 Count | Bullet | Resistor | Pigtails | Pixels
  • WS2811 Pixels | 12v | 50 Count | Bullet | Resistor | Pigtails | Pixels

WS2811 Pixels | 12v | 50 Count | Bullet | Resistor | Pigtails

£11.46 £9.55
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Top quality, tried and tested pixels from our partner factory in Shenzhen.

  • 18awg cable
  • Strings are 50count (50 pixels per string)
  • All black cable
  • Build A Light Show weatherproof pigtails
  • 4"/100mm wire spacing joint to joint
  • Real world failure rate was less than 1 in 1000 (based on testing scheme below)

We have tried and tested this factory repeatedly. The pixels have been frozen (whilst running), submerged, over volted, under volted, and then run at 100% white ramp for a month - only then did we put them in our own display, and run a season on them. At that point we had enough faith in the factory to offer them for sale here.

All these strings are tested again before they leave us to be shipped to you

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Best pixels and a great price

Quality is superb. Amazing service and shipping. Will never again buy from Amazon or anyone else. Thank you


Top Quality Pixels

I have bought a large number of pixels from Build A Light Show and not a single one has failed on me. The quality is second to none...


Convenient without the cost

For the same price at the JST connector and a pigtail, you can save yourself time and but them already manufactured that way.


Don't buy from other vendors

Bought 1000s of pixels from BALS and have had a grand total of 0 fail.


High quality

Pixels are pixels right?that’s so untrue. There are so many bits you don’t think about when looking at the cost like the quality of the wire coating, the wire gauge is accurate, the gel around the leds is a decent quality, this is all invisible unless you compare it to other pixels. Save yourself the effort, just buy these!

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Baldrick 8 Port Controller with PSU and Mount

WS2811 Pixels | 12v | 50 Count | Bullet | Resistor | Pigtails

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