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Pixel Pusher Pliers

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Pixel Pusher Pliers

Pixel Pusher Pliers are made to push a bullet node or even minilight bulbs.
Designed to make installing both bullet and minilights in any products easier, faster and less blister inducing!

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must have buy

wow what a difference these make, after several thousand pixels i brought a set and they make it so much easier


You need these!

I though I didn’t need these until I started pushing bullet pixels en mass.
Along with a handheld 3D printed cup, these pliers made the whole thing a breeze. 3200 pixels pushed into HDPE strip with ease and no finger damage.
Buy them, you won’t regret it.


Saves a lot of finger ache

Best thing you can by for bullet pixels, The only thing I hate about them, is when I lose them


Must have

With out these your fingers & thumbs will not last pushing in them 100’s of pixels

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Pixel Pusher Pliers

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