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E.L.F Quick Splice Connectors

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Build A Light Show's new E.L.F (Emergency Light Fixers) quick splice connectors, are an easy and fast way to splice pixel wires together. This can be for replacing pixels, making a temporary extension or a number of other things!
Whilst we are not massive fans of Insulation Displacement Connectors, these are about as good as they get - most IDC connectors only seperate the insulation in one place, and provide minimal electrical contact and therefore conductivity. These connectors have 2 - therefore doubling the contact area of things like jellyconnectors That said, if you have the option to solder and heatshrink your connections, that is always preferable, and a better connection.

We have put together a little "How to" guide on how to use them here.

They are available in packs of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 250 - the more you buy, they cheaper they get!

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These are so quick and easy to use absolutely brilliant quick snip poke and squeeze and all sorted takes no time at all so much quicker than solder seals


Simple, Quick and Easy

Very simply to use, and saves a lot of time and hassle, highly recommend having these in your toolbox!


Very Easy

An excellent way to repair a dud pixel during the show season. Normally I would cut and solder but these little beauties cut that time in quarter.


Great little time saving device!

After having more than the usual number of duff pixels this year, these have been an absolute blessing! Simple to use although slightly fiddly until you get the hang of them. I put a blob of Vaseline on the contacts to be sure as I believe despite rigorous testing they are only listed as ‘weather resistant’
Either way, means you can spend more time eating leftover turkey and sprouts instead of solder-sealing pixels in the cold! ?


Game changer

Before I was sent a batch to try I was spending a long time joining with solder connectors.I will now only use next year these splice connectors as its cut time fixing by two thirds.Time will tell if they are water resistant.


Just what we have been waiting for

I got a sample of these free and was surprised at just how easy they are to use. I’ve already done several repairs just as they are and they work perfectly. I will do a test using some dielectric grease to see if they work long term as I usually remove all temporary repairs at the end of the season for proper solder repairs. I will be ordering these with my next pixel order for sure.


out of this world so simple to use

What can i say i recieved some of these from BALS and it made replacing nodes so much easier i replaced loads within minutes. THERE GREAT


Absolute Time Saver

These are absolutely brilliant! First try was a bit fiddly, however didn't take long to become a pro and fit these very quickly. Something everyone should have in their toolbox for when you need to change pixels quickly.

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E.L.F Quick Splice Connectors

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