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Red Solder Seal (Bag of 100) | Accessories & Hardware
  • Red Solder Seal (Bag of 100) | Accessories & Hardware

Red Solder Seal (Bag of 100)


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Red Solder Seal (Bag of 100)

Probably one of the easiest ways to join cables, requires little to no skill. We will be doing a video on their use soon, but they should be fairly self explanatory.
Things to note;
Lots of people try to use heat guns with these. You are far better off with a brazing torch, mini blow torch, or a kitchen butane torch. They will make a better seal and allow the solder to get up to temperature and flow better within the joint.
2nd main thing to note, is that if you are using these to install as opposed to field repair, the addition of a bit extra tin/lead solder will be good.

We love these things, and we believe have the most competitively priced  offering out there (especially stocked in the UK!!)

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Handy little things

Solder and shrink tube all in one. Handy when you're soldering a lot of string together or pigtails on.


Life savers

If you are just getting into pixel light shows or even if your a pro these are a must buy as many as u can. Amazing product so easy to use and save u heaps of time. Also a must for quick repairs.

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Baldrick 8 Port Controller with PSU and Mount

Red Solder Seal (Bag of 100)

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