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Beam Break Sensor

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This is a fantastic way to add a trigger to your show. We have personally used this activate a sequence as visitors walk up a path towards a venue.
You could use it to trigger a GPIO pin on a pi when trick or treaters venture up your driveway or other such events.
Whilst the sensor itself is not IP rated, once setup it can be sealed up with silicon or equally could be placed in an enclosure.
There is an onboard relay that is activated when triggered, which allows you to switch normally open or normally closed as per your unique needs. The range is adjustable, and the beam bounces off the included reflector. Setting up the beam over distances greater than 1mtr can sometimes be challenging, but we will be publishing a video on a few techniques to make that easy. You can of course always buy a bigger reflector! This comes with a mounting bracket for the sensor, and the reflector has eyelets for various mounting options

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Beam Break Sensor

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