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Reel Deel

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  • This is The Reel Deal  - 1162 nodes designed for 12mm pixels
  • Measures approx 47 inches
  • Material is 10mm heavy duty white or black correx
  • Slit for shipping - Please request a custom shipping quote if you want this shipped with no slit
  • Designed in the USA, made in the UK!

Product Details

First big prop

Ok so this is my first big prop and my 1st year doing a show so hoping it all goes to plan. I’m assuming ALL big props like this are the same….a bit of a nightmare to follow the wiring diagrams. It takes a lot of concentration not to make a mistake that then means removing the pixels back to a place you know is correct. I’m not finished yet but I must say from the videos I’ve seen it is going to be fantastic.

Remember, unless you are good creating .stl’s for printing mounts, you will need to get the .stl’s or actual mounts from Inspire Lightshows. I’m printing them now as I’m lucky to have a printer. This thing is going to be heavy when loaded up with pixels so make sure your mounts are upto it.

Thanks to BALS BOGOF deal, I have 2 of these and others to fill and so looking forward getting these up.

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Reel Deel

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