There are so many great resources out there for pixel sequencing, but here are our favourites!

The European Lighting Fanatics
The European Lighting Fanatics is a Facebook group with some really helpful members, great collaboration, and is a mine of information.
If you are a UK or EU resident, this is the place you want to start. There are tonnes of training videos, weekly training calls, and much much more.
Join here;

You can also download the European Lighting Fanatics "Getting started" guide here

Other learning resources which are more "Americanised"  can be found below:

The Canispater Christmas YouTube Channel
Jeff Lacey has produced one of the best introductions to the pixel lighting hobby and has a great channel on YouTube.
You can see it here:
Jeff refers to a lot of things that are very aligned to the USA (being based in America!),  and some of the items referenced may not be available in the UK, or not called the same thing.

xLights Videos/eXssentials
xLights offer a great range of training videos on how to use the software, but also on how to build displays, deal with power etc etc. It is mostly geared up for the US and Australia, but most of the information is transferable to the UK and EU. Where the information is not relevant to the UK/EU, the EU think tank members  will be able to help find local resources.

A short "how to" guide on how to get props into xlights, and get their wiring diagrams