Hello Twinkly Fans, This is the information and FAQ page for the twinkly props we sell here at Build A Light Show.

Q. Why are some of the holes in the prop I have bought so hard to push in?

A. The holes in the Twinkly props are much smaller than the standard LED pixel version and we spent a long time refining the hole size to make it as easy as possible to push the lights into the prop. However, you will find that sometimes a light is particularly hard to push. This is because correx (the material our props are made from) is comprised of several long flutes, the edges of which are hard plastic so if a hole ends up on top of one of these edges it can make pushing a light through a bit trickier. For that reason we supply every new customer with a special Twinkly tool which you can use on the back of the prop to slightly widen any tricky holes then your light will pop right in!

Here are some examples of an "easy" hole to push vs one that may be harder. A quick twist with the Twinkly Tool will resolve the trickiness!


Q. Can I remove my Twinkly Lights and put them in another prop/model easily?

A. Yes you can - the same way 2 porcupines make love.......Carefully! The holes in the props are designed to grip the lights firmly enough that they do not fall out, and may need a little effort to get out of the prop again. We recommend that you pull the light out straight and do not twist or bend it as it can be very easy to bend the top of the node and potentially snap it.

Q. Can I buy my Twinkly lights from you cheaper? You seem to sell them only at Twinkly SRP price.

A. When we sell twinkly lights without a prop/model with them, we only sell at SRP/Twinklys recommended retail price. When you buy them as a bundle with the prop there is a package discount. We cannot sell additional sets cheaper - only with additional props.

Q. Can you make me a custom shape/prop/model?

A. Yes we can. There are design fees and custom cut fees to pay, so it is not the cheapest thing in the world to do, but if the idea you have is one that we can add to the store that lots people may appreciate, we may well waive those fees  - and if it sells REALLY well, we might send you a thank you gift for your idea!

Q. Do these props come with the lights in?

A. No, they don't. If you buy the prop on its own, you will need to supply the lights too! If you buy the lights from us, you will receive a box with the prop/model in it, a box of genuine Twinkly lights and if it is your first order, a Twinkly Tool. Whatever happens, you will need to put the lights in the model - if you want us to do it, our demands for pushing lights in props are completely unrealistic :D

Q. Will these props fit other lights?

A. Short answer is "maybe". There are some normal LED lights with similiar sizes to Twinkly that may fit. We do not have a list of what does and what doesn't - but with the Twinkly tool provided with your first order, you could enlarge them all to suit your needs, but that would be up to you.

Q. I am having issues mapping these props in the Twinkly app - help!

A. We had a little bit of a journey doing this too whilst we were developing these props. We found that a low ambient light, a clear/not busy background, a steady hand and no reflective surfaces in the shot really helped (we had reflections off a wooden floor wreaking havoc on our mapping efforts, and simple black cloth fixed it all). We also found, though have not proven this theory yet, that our iPad Pro mapped more accurately and quickly than our attempts with an iPhone and a Galaxy S22 - Maybe the iPad Pro processor and camera are just that bit better? Who could say?!

Q. What is all this other stuff on your store? Can I make my Twinklys do that?

A. Can you? Yes. Absolutely. It is a different approach to Twinkly, it hits another layer of complexity - We suggest reading the FAQ on our main page, joining the European Lighting Fanatics Facebook page, and perhaps looking at the ELF training playlist on You Tube. There are even ways now to integrate your Twinkly lights with xLights and the other tools available to make a full blown synchronised light display! It will require a lot more effort and learning though.