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  • Build A Light Show was created because of the frustration felt by its founders. Several years ago we tried to put together an intelligent, music-synchronised light show here in the UK, but were met at every turn with excessive costs, exorbitant shipping fees, and the nightmare of what was effectively gambling on purchases. Was the USA-based supplier any good? Was the product ok? What if it went wrong, what would we do? How do you get support when they are 8 hours behind you?!

    All of these issues made it hard, expensive and annoying to create the display we were hoping for.

    Back in early 2018, Build A Light Show was formed and focussed solely on importing controllers from Falcon - the industry standard and most highly respected controller in this industry. A distributorship was agreed with the owner of Falcon, David Pitts, who welcomed Build a Light Show taking his products into new markets. By the end of 2018 over 100 Falcon controllers had been sold into the UK and EU, a lot of appreciation was being shown by the customer base, and requests for more products were being made.

    So, here we are: we are a one stop shop, providing all you need to create and build a light show, all by yourself.

    We only sell best-in-class products which are fully manufacturer backed. There are so many options out there, both good and bad, but we have done the testing and due diligence. We have sound experience with everything we sell here: we are not selling you an opinion, we are selling products based on real world experience (along with some very brutal testing!).

    We hope this will give you the peace of mind you need to make the right purchase - nothing is stopping you importing products yourself, but every person we have spoken to who has done so has ended up paying more than if they had come direct to us.

    We look forward to becoming your preferred UK/EU supplier!


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