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£100 Gift Voucher

£100.00 £83.33
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This is the perfect gift for a lighting fanatic!
Though, we should tell you, this is not a virtual product. Your gift card will be physically mailed to you, in a Build A Light Show Draw string bag, with a few little goodies inside, all things our regular customers have come to expect and love!
If you buy multiple vouchers, or multiple values, we will aggregate the values for you into one single gift card, so you are not handing your recipient a pile of confusion!
If you need this in a hurry, please use the £8.50 shipping option, other wise please hit "get me a shipping quote", and we will send you a revised basket for £1.99 shipping, and will send via Royal Mail - though please be advised we do not get regular Royal Mail collections, and it may take a few days longer to get to you!

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What could be better for your light crazed partner

Kill 2 birds with one stone.
He's going to spend loads on here anyway so why not give him a voucher as a gift.

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£100 Gift Voucher

£100 Gift Voucher

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