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2020 Pre Order Query

Welcome to the 2020 Build A Light Show preorder form. Please complete this form to give us an idea of what products you will be wanting in 2020.
When the preorder period is complete (mid January), we will cost up the total orders, and contact you with a price.
If you have any questions or queries, please send us a message and we will help as best we can.
There is no commitment to purchase by filling in this form

  • We will contact you with the price and other details about the order when we have them, using the details you provided above. If you would like to receive other information or offers from  Build A Light Show, please tick this box.

  • Please provide a list of products from Boscoyo that you would like: URLs to products, quantities, and any notes (the orientation or colour of the item you would like. e.g standing or hanging bulb in black or white colour.)  https://www.boscoyostudio.com/

  • Please provide a list of products you would like from Gilbert Engineering.  URLs, quantities and any notes (the orientation or colour of the item you would like. e.g Singing or smiling Grinch in black or white colour.)  https://gilbertengineeringusa.com/

  • Please provide an estimate of pixel quantities you may require.  Quantities are of strings of 50 pixels. Pixel types available are:

    1. 12v Bullets
    2. 5v Bullets
    3. 12v Squares
    4. 12v Icicles (15x7)

    We can also offer custom string configurations. Please specify your needs here: e.g spacing between pixels, string length, total pixel count, connectors, etc etc)

  • Please add any other requests that do not fit with the above options. These can include custom Coro pieces from either Boscoyo or Gilbert Engineering.

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