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Smart Differential Receiver

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The 4-String Differential SmartReceiver Board can be connected to the F16V2, F16V3 and F4V3 Differential Expansion boards as well as the popular F48 differential controller allowing 4 strings to be placed up to 250+ feet from the controllers. When powered from F16V3/F16V2 expansion boards, F4V3 expansion board or the F48 the SmartReceiver can be daisy-chained together with other SmartReceivers (maximum three per chain). The chain will share the allocated number of pixels configured for the port it is connected to. 

The SmartReceiver has a built in test mode that is activated by a push button. Great for testing pixels without the need of a controller. The board features four LEDS that will light respectively when data is detected on the four data lines.
Note: Supports 3-wire pixels only. 

The Smart Differential Receiver replaces the older Differential receiver, and can be used in 'non smart' mode, as a standalone Differential Receiver.

Please be aware that the Smart receiver when running on a 5v system, will need 5.3v to function properly. If you are running a 12v system this is not an issue.


Product Details

Problem solved

Once again with excellent advice and help from BALS this unit solved a problem and all four elements on my star now run independently.


Wonderful invention

Less cables (as you daisy chain), less temptation to put too many pixels on a port. Nice.


Ideal for props away from controllers

These smart receivers are the perfect counterpart to an F48 or a differential expansion board. They will be an excellent addition to my layout allowing props to be placed all over the house.

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Smart Differential Receiver

Smart Differential Receiver

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